starting eleven: july 2008

01 flobots combat
02 lisa hannigan last leaf
03 built to spill going against your mind
04 norman palm girls just wanna have fun
05 biffy clyro mountains

06 philipp poisel mit jedem deiner fehler

07 art brut little brother

08 fettes brot automatikpistole

09 feist the park

10 virginia jetzt! land unter

11 kilians fight the start

all of a sudden:
suddenly getting closer to the kilians release, suddenly finding an art brut song i like, suddenly (and surprisingly) discovering one precious track on the fettes brot album. never give up hope... besides, biffy clyro being the first band to appear twice in the charts. finally, and much more important, july offering one big glancy pearl represented by philipp poisel: "ich hab versucht mir einzureden, dass du ja eigentlich gar nicht so schön bist, dass du bescheuert bist und nichts verstehst, dass wir nicht füreinander bestimmt sind. mit jedem deiner fehler lieb ich dich mehr." call it simple. i love it.


dental music

due to current events it is the perfect moment to call your attention on biffy clyro's new single "mountains". "i took a bite out of a mountain range, thought my teeth would break the mountain down. let's go, i want to go all the way to the horizon." i better forget the mountain part and concentrate on the horizon..... fantastic song, in its original as well as in its acoustic version, both to be found on you tube.


sorry for delay

july's starting eleven about to follow.


dass du ja eigentlich gar nicht so schön bist

mit jedem jahr zusätzlicher bildung steigt die statistisch auf hintergrundvariablen kontrollierte sprachkompetenz um drei prozent. ist es in zeiten der absoluten berechenbarkeit nicht wunderbar, dass das menschliche wissen vor den formeln der liebe weiterhin kapitulieren muss? philipp poisel, "mit jedem deiner fehler". dank je petra.


mosquitos in summer

she is intimacy. i can hardly think of other voices in alternative music, creating such an intense feeling as the one of lisa hannigan. her duets with damien rice were a fragile dance on pins and needles, one small step from the edge, vulnerable like mosquitos in summer. in october she is going to release her solo debut, whose few demo tracks are available on herspace. besides, i wanna recommend you two songs, which haunt through the internet: "last leaf" and "blurry (live @ RTE 2007)". overwhelming.



in my opinion, the best german album title since olli schulz' "brichst du mir das herz, dann brech ich dir die beine": max müller, "die nostalgie ist auch nicht mehr das was sie früher einmal war".



remember the old days: radiohead releasing "the bends", an early and consisting classic of modern guitar sound, garnished with extraordinary strings parts. responsible: former radiohead violinist, john matthias, who had written classical music later on, which now was remixed by artists like the verve, beta band, the good the bad & the queen and...... old buddy thom yorke. to be streamed here.


in between within

there was a long text planned to follow. thoughts about worlds without guests. places within us. no use: i don't know how your worlds look like. how could i? i don't even know mine properly..... but i know its music: archive "lights". 18 minutes of pure, wonderful solitude. to be found here.


starting eleven: june 2008

01 the format she doesn't get it (acoustic)
02 archive lights
03 rise against the good life undone
04 aqualung something to believe in
05 hubert von goisern rotz & wasser

06 the kooks watching the ships roll in

07 hundred reasons broken hands

08 zita swoon josieanna

09 aeronauten männer

10 ska-p cannabis

11 the wombats patricia the stripper

"you talk too much, maybe that's your way of breaking up the silence that fills you up. but it doesn't sound the same when no one's really listening."
word up. aqualung shining bright this month.


im süden nichts neues

es ist wie es ist. germanien und die schlussminute sind freunde fürs leben. grillkäse schmilzt, ob er will oder nicht. und southside bleibt das beste festival im deutschsprachigen raum. radiohead, biffy clyro, digitalism, notwist, patrice, sigur ros, weakerthans, wombats, elbow, kettcar, chemical brothers and so on and on and on. zeig mir einen dem das egal ist und ich zeig euch einen lügner.

highlights: biffy clyro (bedingungslos), digitalism (hemmungslos), radiohead (fehlerlos), sigur ros (leinen los).


hear the world: switzerland

banks. watches. chocolate. and no opinion. beside these stereotypes, it moreover seems that this beautiful country lacks of an image in a general way. nobody knows nothing about switzerland. or can one tell how much euro one franc is? where zurich is located exactly? how political reality looks like? agrar confesses: he did not. until he got a swiss neighbour for 6 months, causing attention for her nation. and its music. good bridge ;) on time to the start of the european championships agrar [on ear]'s neutrally linking to some swiss artists, drawing a bow between reggae, folk pop and hip hop: ganglords, sophie hunger, brandhärd


road album

please check the damien rice website for this incredible news.

starting eleven: may 2008

01 munk live fast! die old! (feat. asia argento)
02 bebe siempre me quedara
03 hell is for heroes to die for
04 ganjaman gib niemals auf (feat. phenomden)
05 the academy is... you might have noticed
06 bajafondo tango club pa' bailar
07 syd matters big moon
08 sektion kuchikäschtli i han
09 opeth coil
10 spoon don't make me a target
11 christoph & lollo mittelschulkatheder

"live fast! die old!"
hardly listening to radio, since FM4's losing itself in between elitary pretension and viennese reality. however, some days ago i did, browsing the trackservice just minutes later to get the name of this great great song by munk and italian actress asia argento. besides, may offered a lotta spanish and swiss music and the brand new release of syd matters ("ghost days") which made big impression during listening session one.


blende und dende

wenn sonne und temperatur sich solidarisch zu höchsleistungen treiben, gibt es im auto 2 erfolgsgaranten: blende und dende. und als mir heute das 10 jahre alte "technique" entgegenschallt, weiß ich, warum schlechter hip hop wie joghurt ist: zum wegschmeißen nach wenigen tagen, wenn auch noch so cool eingepackt. eins zwo anno achtundneunzig erscheint hingegen als zeitloses astronautenfutter, mit dem feinen unterschied, dass es schmeckt wie bei neapels bestem italiener: "also frag mich bitte nich' um rat wenn nix bei dir geht, vielleicht mehr wenn auf'm flyer deiner gigs 'freibier!' steht." unerreicht.


mach immer was dein herz dir sagt

mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, mach immer was dein herz dir sagt, und begrab es an der biegung des flusses.


sylt in vienna

tk frets and fumes, i guess. agrar will attend tomorrow evening's kettcar concert in vienna. more on thursday.


one night at the basis

what is home? and what is house? sometimes questions overlap. spent a nice alc:electronic night yesterday, full of good old buddy raps and bad beats. reason enough to ask turntablist dicktrack for some minimum maximum tunes: mark farina, carl cox, trentemoller, dj dan, erick morillo, deep dish and tief-tief-tief-schwooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz banging my car system since midday.through 3 out of 10 mixes, and 'gotta say: finest selection, dicky! more to come.


cold hot lukewarm

bubbles are meant to burst when they become too big. coldplay 2005 was such a bubble. the whole world expected a life changing album, redefining alternative pop. and then, "x&y" turned out to be just good music, causing bad critics being far beyond objective analysis. i agree with the opinion that coldplay's third record is not their best, but still it contains some wonderful songs (remember an amazing "fix you", currently to be found in my deezer player). now, the brits are about to release a new album, entitled "viva la vida or death and all his friends" (available at 13 june). following a recent trend, they give away one song, which is surprisingly their first single "violet hill". being for free download at their homepage. not blowing my head off, but nevertheless making me look forward.

starting eleven: april 2008

01 chevelle in dept to earth
02 krautschädl da wein
03 deep dish miami wmc (edit)
04 wolke schlimmer
05 dredg bug eyes (hyde street acoustic version)
06 colin hay lifeline
07 louis xiv pledge of allegiance
08 kettcar kein außen mehr
09 unknown artist italia
10 elbow the bones of you
11 goo goo dolls big machine

rather single blinking lights than an entire bright april sky. nevertheless offering two big surprises, on the one hand with the austrian contribution krautschädl. never paid much attention on their debut album which was definitely a fault: making fun fun fun! secondly (and already mentioned), this chevelle b-side monster of rock, holding this month's pole position.


a to the b

b-sides normally have a reason to be b-sides. not that there wouldn't be any precious ones, but most of the time it seems understandable why they didn't make it on the album. some days ago i accidentally stumbled across an itunes bonus track of chevelle's latest release "vena sera" which turned my opinion upside down. this track - "in dept to earth" - is a banging bastard of modern rock music, conjuring a smile on my devil face. only the lord may explain why this is not an A.